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Saturday, December  7, 1918

Saturday, December 7, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben worked on Owens house. It has bin a busy day with Josie and I. Josie ironed most all day.

I went down to the cook room 15 to four oclock made a fire washed the supper dishes then got breakfast. Called the rest of them then we eat. After breakfast I cut up two pumpkins and put them on to cook then put on some meat to cook fed two calves and brought a bucket of water then milked two cows and sloped the pigs put on a liver and face to make scrappel then churned. Josie made bread and coffee for dinner. I washed up a lot of things and took up the meat for dinner then eat dinner. Took up the pumpkins and meat for scrapple and made the scrappel. Janie Gravley and Lucius Muriel Gravley and Effie Brumfield stopped here a few minutes on their way home from Danville. Well I have not room for any more.

9 oclock

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Wednesday January  5, 1921

Wednesday January 5, 1921

A good day. Warm for January. It is turning cold tonight and the wind is blowing.

Ben cut feed at Mags to day. Jim stripped tobacco all day. Mr Owen had the team and helped Mr Dews move. The children went to school. Jim and Ben has bin at the barn tonight.

I have bin busy most of the day. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Boiled a hogs face for dinner and churned. Fixed up the butter. Finished getting dinner.

Went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie had washed today. Julia Fergerson went back to Portsmoth to day. Kate Hubbards baby is very sick.

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Saturday January  8, 1921

Saturday January 8, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain yet. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Mr Owen helped a little. I got dinner. I boiled the last hog face and baked the last potatoe pumpkin. Josie made Edna a dress and Mabel two caps. I think that Mabel was quieter than she has ever bin since she could walk. Carrie come a few minutes. She brought some apples. They was highely appreciated.

Jim & Ben went to Strait Stone tonight. I went to sleep and dropped my book. Josie and Henry and Edna are playing cards.

8 oclock

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Monday February 21, 1921

Monday February 21, 1921

A very bad day. Colde and some snow. Ben & Jim & Marvin stripped tobacco some. Henry and Edna went to school.

Josie went to Marvins a few minutes. Josie and Carrie ordered them a musick box a peice. I hope that they may get them ok. I got dinner. I boiled hogs face & feet.

I have tacked a few rags for a rug if I ever get it made.

Today is 56 years a go I was married.

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Tuesday, February 27, 1923

Tuesday, February 27, 1923

A cloudy morning and some rain. No rain this evening. Ben and Jim went to Renan this morning. This evening they cut and mauled. Ben got hurt. The wedge hit him in the face and cut his lip and a gash in his face. He went to the Dr. and had it fixed up. I hope it will not get bad. Nellie and I got dinner. I churned and printed the butter. Nellie sewed some. I cut pieces for Kate to put together. I went to Norman Bookers a while this evening. Mrs Booker gave me some sweet potatoes as nice as I ever saw. I am so glad of them.

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