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Friday, December  6, 1918

Friday, December 6, 1918

A clear windy day. Mr Power and Carr was here this morning. Ben worked on the house this evening.

Josie got dinner. She fixed steak and made potato sallid this evening. I went to Carries. Mollie and Johns was there.

Henry and Edna went to school. Two of the teachers went to the teachers meeting at School field.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, December 18, 1918

Wednesday, December 18, 1918

A good day. Ben and Marvin went to Kates and killed her hogs. Josie and I worked on our lard and sausage. Josie ground and made the sausage and dried up some of the lard.

I worked at the wash house and she at the house.

Ben brought some things at Renan to day.

I got a piece of flanel from Chatham by mail to day. Josie sent Effies knitting to day.

9 oclock

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Saturday, February  8, 1919

Saturday, February 8, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim went to Mr Hutcherson. Woodings and got a pig then stripped tobacco a while then fixed to go to Chatham. Marvin went with them. They got some [logs?/dogs?] Ben & Tim Emerson went to Strait Stone to the lodge. They have just got home now.

I helped to strip tobacco nearly all day. Henry B & Luke and Norman Owen tied for me this evening. We had finished what was in the pit and was on our way to the house when Mr Jim Emerson & Sarah Emerson and two children come. I was glad to see them.

Josie got dinner. I heard this evening that Denia Blair is sick. I am very sorry to hear it. Hope she may get well soon. I want to go to see her soon.

11: oclock

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Monday, March 24, 1919

Monday, March 24, 1919

A good day. Ben plowed half the day then carried Josie and the baby and I to Strait Stone. They went to Strait Stone and I stoped at the branch and fished while they were gone. I did not catch but one fish. We come home and went to Carries. Murphist Harvey was there at work on their house.

Jim White washed the apple trees to day. I think he has done a faithful days work and a nice job.

Today one year a go Charles Brumfield was buried. Don't know how soon it will be some of the rest of the family.

8:30 oclock

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Monday, May 12, 1919

Monday, May 12, 1919

A good day. The men folks worked on tobacco land most of the day. Late this evening they planted some tobacco but it is so colde that things cant grow.

Mrs. Owen and I drawed plants. I got so colde that I quit and come to the house.

Josie and I washed some this morning. Josie got dinner.

Janie Brumfield and Delma Owen come to see the children this evening.

I started Julia Fergerson a letter to day.

I am so near a sleep that I cant hardly write.

10 oclock

The children found my Lady cow with a nice little calf.

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