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Wednesday, November 27, 1918

Wednesday, November 27, 1918

A good day. Ben sawed some wood for Marvin. Broke his saw and could not finish.

Josie done a big washing. I got dinner. Mrs Carr heard to day that Max Carr is at Mr Powers to night and will leave tomorrow morning.

I went to Carries this evening. Janie Gravley is here tonight.

Heard that Effie Brumfield went from school sick today. Hope she may be well by tomorrow.

9 oclock

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Friday, December  6, 1918

Friday, December 6, 1918

A clear windy day. Mr Power and Carr was here this morning. Ben worked on the house this evening.

Josie got dinner. She fixed steak and made potato sallid this evening. I went to Carries. Mollie and Johns was there.

Henry and Edna went to school. Two of the teachers went to the teachers meeting at School field.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, August  6, 1919

Wednesday, August 6, 1919

A little rain this morning. Clear this evening. Jim & John and Owen & Ben pulled leaves to day. Marvin worked in Bens place while he carried Mary Brumfield & Fanny Power to Mr Powers. Edwin & Franklin Brumfield went with him.

Ruth Barker & Christenia Reynolds eat dinner with us and spent the evening with us. Julia Fergerson was at Carries to day.

Josie got dinner. This evening she went to Marvins.

We heard to day that Miss Moon was dead that was staying at Bookers.

9 oclock

Edwin Brumfield dried the dishes to night.

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Sunday, October 19, 1919

Sunday, October 19, 1919

A good day. Some frost this morning. We all staid at home except the children. Henry went to Johnson Reynolds's. Edna & Franklin went to Uncle Marvins. Mr Hutcherson & Ada went to see Carrie this evening. Kate Harvey come to see us this evening.

Mr & Mrs Power come to see Ben & Josie to day.

I got dinner. Had chicken and salmon, pickle & preserves, tomatoes and pies.

I should not write such small things but have nothing else to write.

8 oclock

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Saturday August 27, 1921

Saturday August 27, 1921

A clear day. Jim fired his tobacco all day. Ben staid with Fletcher Car most of the day. Ben carried them to Mr Powers this evening. Josie and Mabel went with them.

Nellie went to the barn to stay a while. Evylin is hunting hair pins.

All of the rest of them have gone to bed.

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