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Thursday, April 24, 1919

Thursday, April 24, 1919

A clear windy day. Some rain last night. The men folks worked on their tobacco land all day. Mr Robert Vaden and Smith of Gretna was here today. They wanted the use of the school house for a speakin Sat night.

Josie and I both had a hand in gettin dinner.

This evenin I went to Mr Owens. Mrs Dews was there. I come home and Josie and the children all went to Marvins. Carrie showed us her new things that she got at Altavista. Marvin had made him a hot bed. Mr Owen made one this evening.

9:15 oclock

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Wednesday, July 30, 1919

Wednesday, July 30, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim plowed some this morning. This evening they went to Brutus to a speakin. John L. Hunt done the talkin. There is a meeting of men at Strait Stone. The boys would not go.

Josie got dinner. I helped put up the dishes.

I chopped the grass out of the walk this evening then went to Carries a few minutes.

Ben brought two water mellons home this evening.

Mary Brumfield went to George Blairs this morning. She dressed in some of the girls clothes and went to Strait Stone. She come back here tonight & I am glad to have her here.

10: oclock

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Friday, August  1, 1919

Friday, August 1, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim suckered tobacco most of the day. Mr. Owen went to meeting. Josie commenced work on some curtains.

This evening Josie kept Carries children. They did well to be so small.

Mary Brumfield went to see her Aunt Mag this evening & come to Aunt Mollies. Reubin Reynolds brough her home.

There was speakin at Renan this evening.

9:30 oclock

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Thursday, October 23, 1919

Thursday, October 23, 1919

A cloudy all day. We have had a good rain last night and to day.

The men folks stripped tobacco all day. Ben carried the children to the school house this morning.

I cooked most of the dinner. Nellie brought the water. Josie & Nellie washed the dishes at dinner.

Josie got supper.

We shelled some beans tonight.

Ben has gone to Renan to some sort of public speakin. All of the ballance of the folks has gone to bed.

9 oclock

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Saturday March 12, 1921

Saturday March 12, 1921

A good morning. Rain this evening. Ben & Jim plowed until twelve. Josie got dinner. I ironed all the morning and part of the evening. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. I borrowed a bucket of meal. Ben has gone to the school house to night. Mr C R Waren was to speak there tonight.

9 oclock

Warren & Berger come but no crowd to speak to.

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