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Saturday, September 28, 1918

Saturday, September 28, 1918

A good day. We Denia and I was at Letcher Craddocks. Ella and I went fishing.

Otho Blair and Sallie and Cordie come for us. We come by Gretna. Otho brought me home. Lizzie Bennett is here tonight.

Rob and Ella Hubbard and all the children come to night. Mr Sam Hubbard brough them. They had bin to supper.

9 12 oclock

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Thursday, February 27, 1919

Thursday, February 27, 1919

A good day. Jim & Owen cut wood this morning. Hauled some hay this evening. Ben is in Richmond I guess. Hope he may have a good time. Josie is still bad off with colde.

Jim went to the store to night.

Posie Reynolds brought Nellie from Chatham this evening. She got here just after dark.

Odie Kellie come today and got a box to send some chickens to market.

I finished knitting Ella Hubards cap to night.

Jim has just come home.

11 oclock

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Sunday July 24, 1921

Sunday July 24, 1921

A good day. Ben and Josie, Julia, Edna & Franklin and Mabel went to Rob Hubbards to spend the day. This evening Ben & Josie & Rob & Ella went to the Bruce place in Charlott Co. They went to look at the beautiful grounds.

I staid at home & fed the chickens and washed dishes and churned. I eat dinner by myself to day. Then I went to Marvins this evening. They did not have any company.

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Saturday August  6, 1921

Saturday August 6, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim worked on the house all day and did not get near all done that they want to do. Josie ironed some. Mrs Car churned. I got dinner.

Mrs Butcher & Mrs Dalton come a while. I was glad to see them. Mrs Butcher looks well and young for her. John & Edwin come this evening. I am glad to see them. Heard today that Jack Harvey is on his way home. He is sick. I am sorry for his mother and him. Heard today that Rorner James died this morning. There is several that dont care if he is dead.

Josie is lookin for Rob & Ella to morrow.

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Sunday August  7, 1921

Sunday August 7, 1921

A good day and a busy day. John and Edwin was here. Mrs Car was here.

Rob Hubbard & Ella and three children and Mr Ran & wife come. Mr Ran went to Rufus Cars and Rufus come here with him. I was glad for them to come to see Ben and Josie. Ben carried Mrs Car home this evening. I am always glad for Mrs Car to stay with Josie.

Ben & Jim had a few water mellons. I think all of them enjoyed them.

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