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Monday, July 29, 1918

Monday, July 29, 1918

A little rain today. Ben and Paul topped tobacco this morning. Paul suckered tobacco this evening.

Josie sewed some this morning. I got dinner. This evening Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone and Cedar Forest and Grit. Jane Reynolds come a little while this evening. She was horse back. I think she is a good little woman.

9 oclock

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Monday, August  5, 1918

Monday, August 5, 1918

A good day and very warm. Ben and Paul suckered tobacco. Josie got dinner. I do[d]ged a round as usual.

This evening we went to Marvins. Kate Harvey come here and then to Marvins.

Marvin had water mellons the first I have seen this year. Josie come by the corn field and got snaps. I got a basket of tomatoes.

Heard this morning that Julia Fergerson has a daughter born the 4th.

Josie and I wrote to Thelma and Mary.

9 30 oclock

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Tuesday, August  6, 1918

Tuesday, August 6, 1918

A clear day and very warm. Ben finished curing his primings to night.

Paul suckered tobacco. Mr Owen went to the mill did not get his grinding. Josie washed the breakfast dishes and ironed and got dinner and washed the dinner dishes and ironed most of the evening. I got breakfast and called them to eat then I milked three cows and watered hogs at three different places then I gathered some butter beans and helped to shell them. Then fixed the milk ready to churn then cut a bucket of cucumbers then churned fixed to wash some.

After dinner I washed a bout 40 garments then put the cucumbers in brine and salted the butter and fixed it ready for use. Then rested a while then milked eat supper and helped wash dishes and ready to go to bed.

10 oclock

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Saturday, August 10, 1918

Saturday, August 10, 1918

A clear morning. Some rain this evening and I am glad. Ben and Paul and Henry suckered tobacco. Mr Baily come. He eat dinner here. Ben and Baily went to Finches this evening. Marvin and I and Reese went to Long Island to meet Thelma and Julia Brumfield.

Josie baked a cake this morning and got dinner.

To night Ben has gone to Strait Stone to the odd Fellows Lodge.

10 oclock

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Monday, August 12, 1918

Monday, August 12, 1918

A good day. Clouds a bout this evening but no rain here. Paul suckered tobacco all day. Ben suckered four rows this morning and then went to Chatham. I went with him. We staid longer than Ben thought he would have to stay. We eat dinner at Mrs Woodings. She had a good plain dinner.

Mr John and Willie Baily and Mrs Hines come with Ben as far as their home.

Josie gathered some grapes this morning. We picked them off the stems to night.

Mollie sent over and got some grapes. Jane and Clifton come. I saw Alma and Lonnie at Chatham.

9 o clock

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