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Monday, July  1, 1918

Monday, July 1, 1918

Rain in the night. Clear to day and wind blowin. Josie got dinner. She cooked cabbage and potatoes made ice cream. Ben went to Strait Stone for the ice. Ben and Owen and Paul plowed in the corn finished laying by Bens and commenced on Owens. Josie went to see Nannie Reynolds and the baby. Went over to see Mollie and Jane.

Virginia and Delma Owen come this evening. The children and I chopped the grass out of the path this evening.

11 oclock

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Tuesday, July  2, 1918

Tuesday, July 2, 1918

A good bright day.

The men folks plowed in the corn. Marvin got up hay. Josie washed.

Mrs Owen and Mrs Winston and Hattie Gilbert all gave us a mess of snaps to day. We have got good neighbors.

This evening Henry and I walked to Mr Creasys fish pond. The water is so low that you cant fish in it to catch anything.

We come back by Kates. She was at home by her self. Virginia was at Reynolds's. 10 oclock

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Sunday, December 15, 1918

Sunday, December 15, 1918

A cloudy bad day. Jim and Ben spent the day walking around. Jim went home this evening. Henry Blair carried him to Gretna. Josie walked over to Kate Harveys this evening for Virginias [calf? cap?]. I staid with Franklin.

Henry and Edna went to Marvins a while this evening.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, March 21, 1922

Tuesday, March 21, 1922

A colde windy day.

Ben & Jim worked on the garden fence most of the day. It is so cold they quit before night.

Mrs Car churned this morning & washed dishes. Ben & Josie milked.

We quilted a while this morning. I got dinner. We all quilted this evening. I think most of the folks have gone to bed so that they can get warm. Henry & Edna went to scool (crossed out) school. Edna got a letter from Virginia wood (crossed out) Wooding today.

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Wednesday, May 31, 1922

Wednesday, May 31, 1922

A good day. Cloudy tonight and a little rain. Jim & Ben plowed corn and cut off tobacco hills getting aready to plant tobacco. Mr. Owen carried Alice Thomson & children Mrs Thomson & I and Jane Reynolds to white falls. We did not catch many fish but had a good time. Mrs Car was with Josie. Carrie Reese and the little girls and Kate Harvey come a little while. Virginia H and Doris B come a a while. The children went to the Sulpher Springs. They had a good time Their teachers was with them. They had ice cream.

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