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Wednesday, June 12, 1918

Clear most of the day a sprinkle of rain this evening. The men finished workin over their tobacco to day and cut some wheat.

Josie and [I] washed to day and then got dinner.

Josie and I and the children went to Marvins this evening. Ben and Josie and Paul Bennett went to Mount Airy to night to an ice cream supper.

Nat Woodings car broke down to day he was at Mr Edmons. Ben let him have his to make his round on. He brought it back be fore night.

10 oclock

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Sunday, September 15, 1918

A good day. Ben and family went to Rob Hubbards. Paul went with Marvin to Sunday School. He eat dinner at Marvins. Paul and Frank Blair went some where on Georges car. George and Denia was at Marvins this evening. Ren Worsham and family was at Marvins. Nat Wooding and family and Miss Alice Wooding was there two.

I staid at home til three oclock then I went to Marvins. I had bakers bread and cheese for dinner. Carrie sent them to me.

9:10 oclock

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Tuesday, October 22, 1918

A good day. Paul and Owen Josie and I and the children finished stripping Pauls curing of tobacco this morning and commenced on Bens.

Josie come home to get dinner. She fried chicken and baked cocoanut pies. A bout twelve Gordon and Alma and Ola and Frances Bennett come for dinner. After dinner Bruce Reynolds and his mother come a few minutes. I was glad to see them all. Ben sowed wheat most of the day. This evening Nat Wooding phoned for Ben to come to Reynolds mail box and help him work on his car. Ben went. They could not fix it. They brought it here. Sidney Reynolds come after Nat and carried him home.

Paul finished sowing wheat. Mollie gave me a nice box of candy a birth day present. Marvin Smith paid our taxes this evening. Paul and Ben has bin at the barn to night hangin and putting tobacco in the pit.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, October 23, 1918

A good day. There was a killing frost this morning. Ben worked on Nat Woodings car.

Nat come tonight and got his car. Ben went to Altavista this evening to see about getting some lumber a bout Mr Owens house.

The rest of us and Owen and two of his children helped to strip tobacco.

They put some tobacco in the pit to night.

Kate and Irvin Harvey come and got a few apples to day.

11 oclock

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Tuesday February 1, 1921

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Finished a cureing for Jim. Josie and I got dinner.

This evening Josie made starch and starched the clothes. Denia and Cordie Blair come this evening. I was glad that they come.

Marvin solde his last tobacco at Gretna. He was well pleased with the sale. Nat Wooding got two pounds of butter from here this evening.

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