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Thursday, January  9, 1919

Thursday, January 9, 1919

A cold windy day. Ben went to Glenland this morning to the meeting of the School Board. This evening he worked on Owens house. Jim Brumfield helped him today on the house. Josie and Virginia made some candy today. They got dinner. I worked some button holes in Hazel Smith's dresses and mended some things. Late this evening Edna and I went to Carries.

Virginia is here tonight.

Alma Bennett sent me a present today, a dress ready to wear. I am glad of it.

10 oclock and the wind is blowing hard and it is very cold.

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Saturday, February 22, 1919

Saturday, February 22, 1919

A very rainy day. Owen hauled two loads of wood. Had to quit it rained so hard. Jim cut some wood this morning. Ben went to Glenland to a trustee meeting.

Josie got dinner. Irvin Harvey come and brought us some chicken. We certainly did enjoy it.

I made me an apron and mended some things. I cut and sewed some rag strings to night. Edna wound the ball for me. She loves to wind the balls.

There is a thunder cloud to night. Josie made some candy this evening.

9:10 oclock

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Wednesday August 10, 1921

Wednesday August 10, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben worked on a spring box at the Owen spring half of the day. Ben went to Mrs Cars place to help put on a roof. Come home & him and three of the children has gone to the school house to a picture show. Josie ironed all the evening.

Reese Smith carried me & Paul and Roy to White Falls. I caught several fish there. Was a crowd of people at Whitefalls on a picknic. I would guess there was as many as 40 people.

There is a negro assosiation going on at Glendland. We met a lot going home. We come by Kates. Grace B was there.

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