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Sunday, January  6, 1918

Sunday, January 6, 1918

A cloudy day rained some and sleeted. The ground is still covered with snow. Virginia staid all night here last night. This morning Jack and Irvin come a little while. Virginia went with them home.

I went to Marvins and Kate. Irvin come there. We all eat dinner there. Ben and Josie and the children staid at home all day. Carrie had custard at dinner and Josie had ice cream. We had some tonight at supper. I did enjoy it. Kate brought me a ball of yarn. I want to knit a pair of wristlets for Charles Harvey as soon as I get the kneedles to knit on.

8 30 oclock

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Monday, January  7, 1918

Monday, January 7, 1918

A cloudy day and some warmer. To night the wind is blowing. Ben went to Strait Stone. Marvin went to see Charles. He is some better off a gain. Josie has bin sick all day. I got dinner to day and sewed a little. Miss Smith sent the drugget home to day by Irvin Harvey and Robert Reynolds. I got a letter from Lottie Craddock to day.

7 30 oclock

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Sunday, January 20, 1918

Sunday, January 20, 1918

Snowed this morning but it is clear tonight.

We all staid at home to day. Did not eat but twise.

Kate and Irvin Harvey come a little while. I was so glad that they come. They did not stay half long enough. The teachers commenced to board them selves today at Kates. Virginia was sick to day. I hope she may soon be well a gain. Dodson Bailiss come a little while today.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, February 26, 1918

Tuesday, February 26, 1918

A clear cool day. Had a wind and rain storm this morning be fore day. Mr. Bascome Carr died last night. Ben and Josie went down there started abough midnight.

Henry went to school. Edna and I staid here all day. Ben come home this evening. Owen done the feeding this morning. Irvin Harvey come this evening and got a rooster. Said his mother come home from Java to day.

8 40 oclock

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Sunday, April 21, 1918

Sunday, April 21, 1918

A very rainy morning creeks all out of the banks. None of the children did not go to Sunday School. Irvin Harvey got Prince to take Miss Mayhan home.

Posie and Nannie Reynolds went to Mrs Yeatts to day. Clack Hubbard is here again to night.

10 oclock

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