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Arts and sciences; chemistry.

p. 41
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p. 41

[Sal alcali] [sic] Then Rx [recipe] of the best Zink ʒ [dram] iiii [4] Tutty aa + the [t?]of a walnut of Venetian Borax, mix & throw these into the Crucible, & it will immediately crackle, & you will have a light yellow Matter with a yellow Flame rise up, when this is by degrees gone off + well worked. Stir the [shaves?] well with an iron wire till it is burnt + the Copper remains very hot in the Flux, Pour it into an Ingot well smeared with wax, +you may ham mer it + draw it to wire, + it will work + look like the best Gold.

NB This is exactly given in the School of Arts under the name of Aurum sophisticum_ Pag:35.t.sol

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