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Sunday, January  6, 1918

Sunday, January 6, 1918

A cloudy day rained some and sleeted. The ground is still covered with snow. Virginia staid all night here last night. This morning Jack and Irvin come a little while. Virginia went with them home.

I went to Marvins and Kate. Irvin come there. We all eat dinner there. Ben and Josie and the children staid at home all day. Carrie had custard at dinner and Josie had ice cream. We had some tonight at supper. I did enjoy it. Kate brought me a ball of yarn. I want to knit a pair of wristlets for Charles Harvey as soon as I get the kneedles to knit on.

8 30 oclock

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Monday, January  7, 1918

Monday, January 7, 1918

A cloudy day and some warmer. To night the wind is blowing. Ben went to Strait Stone. Marvin went to see Charles. He is some better off a gain. Josie has bin sick all day. I got dinner to day and sewed a little. Miss Smith sent the drugget home to day by Irvin Harvey and Robert Reynolds. I got a letter from Lottie Craddock to day.

7 30 oclock

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Wednesday, January  9, 1918

Wednesday, January 9, 1918

A fairly good day. Ben hauled wood most of the day worked at something all day. Josie is feeling some better to day. She sewed some. I got dinner. Josie got supper. The first day that we have had three meals this year. I went to Marvin_s this evening. Kate Harvey was there making Carrie a dress. I commenced to knit a pair of wristlets for Charley Harvey. I have bin at work on an apron to night. I intend to give it to one of Hattie Gilberts children.

9 30 oclock

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Thursday, January 10, 1918

Thursday, January 10, 1918

A clear day.

Ben sawed wood and cut feed to day. Marvin Smith and William Gilbert helped him. This evening he went to see Charles and went to Renan.

Josie got dinner and supper to day. She cut some quilt pieces.

I sewed some.

9 30

Henry is not well tonight.

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Friday, January 11, 1918

Friday, January 11, 1918

A bad day. It snowed the most of the day and to night it is raining. Ben helped Marvin strip tobacco this evening. I got dinner. Baked cracklin corn bread.

Josie pieced on her quilt. I finished two aprons that I had commenced. I wrote a letter to Ludy Pugh to night.

Henry has bin complaining all day. They are all a bed and sleep I guess.

8 oclock

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