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Wednesday, April 24, 1918

Wednesday, April 24, 1918

A clear morning some rain tonight. Ben and Owen hauled in some feed. Owen plowed this evening.

Ben carried Josie and I to Cedar Forest. Josie went to see Mrs Powers. Ben & Henry and Edna and I went to the creek and fished.

Caught a few fish.

Ben got stalled and had to have help to get a way. Josie got dinner. I picked beans. Mr Farthings cows come here to day. Ben put them up. They got them this evening. Marvin worked on his fence to day.

9 oclock

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Wednesday March  2, 1921

Wednesday March 2, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben & Jim shucked corn all the morning. Cut wood this evening. Josie got dinner. Henry & Edna went to school.

I went to Kate Harveys and eat dinner then Kate and I went to see Mag. Mag and the two little children was at home. The other children was at school. Johnson Reynolds & Clack Hubbard covered a shed to one of Kates houses today. I come by to see Mollie & Kate a few minutes. Jim Fargthing[?] had a cutting match to day. I rode on a waggon with a stranger as far as Renan.

Ben and Josie are putting up a stove that they bought yesterday.

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Monday May  2, 1921

Monday May 2, 1921

A cloudy cool day. Ben sawed wood at Marvins. Jim worked on his tobacco ground. Josie wet a lot of gingham this morning and ironed it this evening. I went to Mags this evening. Mr Padget even taken me and gave me a ride. I was glad of it. Found all well at Mags. I come by Renan. Hubbard was plowing. Kate Hubbard was freezing cream. I then come by Reynols's. There was no one at home but Julia and children the rest of them was gone to Danville. Kate Harvey went with them. I come by Mr Farthings. Mrs Farthing has nice little girl a week olde. Her name is Elsie May. They had a lot of company. I then come by Marvins and then home. Josie had supper a bout ready.

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