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Thursday, January 24, 1918

Thursday, January 24, 1918

A colde day partly cloudy. Ben has bin sick all day do hope that he will be better by morning. Henry is sick to night. I have done the cookin to day. Josie had to stay with Ben.

Denia and Sally Blair come this evening.

Marvin Smith come to see Ben to day.

Henry and Edna got in the wood to day. Josie fed the stock this morning. I fed to night.

9 oclock

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Sunday, April 14, 1918

Sunday, April 14, 1918

A good day.

Ben and family and Mrs Carr staid at home all day. I went to George Blairs. They were all well but Cordie. She had a bad colde and did not go to Sunday School. Otho and Sallie come with them home from school. Claud Hendrix and Nathaniel Marshal was there. Marvin Smith and Paul Smith went to Sunday School.

Reese was not well enough to go. I come home early and fed my chickens and milked the cows.

We eat colde supper.

Mrs Carr is here yet.

9 oclock

Ben cut Henrys hair tonight.

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Thursday, May  2, 1918

Thursday, May 2, 1918

A clear day.

Ben and Marvin worked on their barns.

Sallie and Isla and Cordie Blair and Lottie Craddock all come to help Josie q uilt. We finished the quilt. Josie got dinner. Josie and I and all the children went to Carries a little while late this evening.

I got a letter from Ludy Pugh to day. Ben got one from John Brumfield.

8 oclock

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Wednesday, June  5, 1918

Wednesday, June 5, 1918

A good day. Ben and Paul worked tobacco. Kate Harvey and Josie found a swarm of bees in the orchard yesterday.

Ben hived them this morning. I hope that they may do well. Josie got dinner. I worked some in the garden. Planted some muskmellon seed and few pea nuts. I planted a few pumpkin seed.

I went to Blairs late this evening. They were all well. Sallie Blair was there. Did not see Cordie or Nettie. They were at Ren Worshams.

10 oclock

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Saturday, September 28, 1918

Saturday, September 28, 1918

A good day. We Denia and I was at Letcher Craddocks. Ella and I went fishing.

Otho Blair and Sallie and Cordie come for us. We come by Gretna. Otho brought me home. Lizzie Bennett is here tonight.

Rob and Ella Hubbard and all the children come to night. Mr Sam Hubbard brough them. They had bin to supper.

9 12 oclock

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