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Saturday, April 13, 1918

Saturday, April 13, 1918

A cloudy day.

Ben had a barn raisin had plenty help and got done before night.

Ben has gone to Strait Stone to night to the lodge.

Josie got most of the dinner. Kate Harvey come and made most of the bread and helped wash dishes and that was a job. Mrs Carr is here yet. Edna hurt her toe right bad to night bringin in some wood and dropped a piece on her toe.

Oh I am so glad the barn is raised. I thank all that helped.

10 oclock by the new time

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Sunday, September 15, 1918

Sunday, September 15, 1918

A good day. Ben and family went to Rob Hubbards. Paul went with Marvin to Sunday School. He eat dinner at Marvins. Paul and Frank Blair went some where on Georges car. George and Denia was at Marvins this evening. Ren Worsham and family was at Marvins. Nat Wooding and family and Miss Alice Wooding was there two.

I staid at home til three oclock then I went to Marvins. I had bakers bread and cheese for dinner. Carrie sent them to me.

9:10 oclock

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Monday, September 16, 1918

Monday, September 16, 1918

A good day. The men folks moved two curings of tobacco and cut two rooms of green tobacco.

Josie picked up some apples and got dinner. I churned and picked some beans this morning. In the evening I went to Marvins a few minutes and picked a few more beans then went to the tobacco ground and helped to load the waggon and to the barn and helped to unload so as to hurry Ben and Paul. They wanted to go to Altavista and I did not want them to be late.

Josie had supper ready when we got to the house. While we were eating, Denia come and brought me a pan of light bread. I certainly was glad of the bread. Was sorry that Denia had so much trouble but I do appreciate it.

9 oclock

Ben and Paul and Josie are at Altavista tonight.

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Saturday, November  2, 1918

Saturday, November 2, 1918

A good day. Ben and Marvin has hauled logs and lumber all day today. Mr Owen and Paul shucked some corn this morning. This evening they put a load of tobacco on the waggons. William Gilbert helped them.

Josie sewed some. I got dinner except making the bread. Josie made that.

Late this evening I went to Carries. She was bathing the children and complaining of the toothache. We heard this evening that Mr Eujean Shelton died this morning.

To night Ben and Owen and Paul went to the barn to put on a load of tobacco. They intend going to Gretna Monday.

9 oclock

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Saturday, December  7, 1918

Saturday, December 7, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben worked on Owens house. It has bin a busy day with Josie and I. Josie ironed most all day.

I went down to the cook room 15 to four oclock made a fire washed the supper dishes then got breakfast. Called the rest of them then we eat. After breakfast I cut up two pumpkins and put them on to cook then put on some meat to cook fed two calves and brought a bucket of water then milked two cows and sloped the pigs put on a liver and face to make scrappel then churned. Josie made bread and coffee for dinner. I washed up a lot of things and took up the meat for dinner then eat dinner. Took up the pumpkins and meat for scrapple and made the scrappel. Janie Gravley and Lucius Muriel Gravley and Effie Brumfield stopped here a few minutes on their way home from Danville. Well I have not room for any more.

9 oclock

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