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Friday, March  8, 1918

Friday, March 8, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen split wood in the woods to day. Josie washed. I staid with the children.

This evenin I went to George Blairs. They were shuckin corn there. Carrie and the children come down here this evening. Marvin was haulin wood to day.

Marvins colte got in the pasture with our horses this evening but did not get hurt.

9 oclock

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Monday, November 16, 1918 (original)

Monday, November 16, 1918 (original)

A cloudy morning.

Before we finished eating breakfast Mr Layne come to get his calf. I got him in the stable and Ben tied him but they could not carry him home he was so stubborn. Ben and Owen lost about two hours time then they went to work.

Ben put a yoke in the cow this morning. Henry and I worked on the fence nearly all the morning. The calves was in the pasture to night. Ben worked on his pigs to day. Doris Brumfield and C Reynolds come a while this evening. Josie planted some hyacinths bulbs to day.

I brought in my daghlia roots this evening.

I put on a pair of new shoes to day. I went up [ink mark]

Well I went to sleep and made a mark.

10 oclock

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Sunday April  3, 1921

Sunday April 3, 1921

A beautiful day. We all staid at home until noon. Then Ben & family and I went to Strait Stone to preaching. Mr Padget preached. There was a big crowd. I though Jim staid at home. The calf got out of the pasture. Jim found her and brough her home.

We heard this morning that Mr Oaks a primtive Babtist preacher died this morning. I am very sorry. He will be missed so much.

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Saturday May 14, 1921

Saturday May 14, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben worked on his car most of the day. This evening he carried me to Strait Stone Creek and the store. We come back by Renan. We met with Clifton and Jane Reynols. I was glad to see them.

Jim went to Chatham. Marvin went to Altavista to day. He had his teeth worked on.

Henry went to Uncle Johnsons this morning. He got some guina eggs. I put them under a hen to night. I hope that they may hatch.

Ben carried my calf Peggy to Marvins pasture to day.

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Thursday October 13, 1921

Thursday October 13, 1921

A cool clear day. There was a killing frost this morning. Ben finished sowing wheat today. Jim shucked some corn. I washed some.

Josie got dinner. She had beef steak and potatoe pudding. We all enjoyed dinner.

Josie, Mabel and I went to Marvins this evening. They all seemed to be getting on well.

The children went to school to day.

Jim fed the cows corn stalks today. Every thing has dried up in the pasture. It is a gloomy time a bout something to feed on.

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