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War diary Appendix 3 April -1917


38th Battalion Canadian Infantry Operation Order No. 64

Reference Maps ZOUAVE VALLEY 1/5000 SOUCHEZ RIVER 1/5000

Trench Map VIMY 3C O.S. W 3 Edition 8R 1/10000

INFORMATION The Canadian Corps, acting in conjunction with the rest of the First Army on the South, and the 3rd Army will on, on a date to be notified later, attack and consolidate the enemy’s positions penetrating to a depth of from 1000 to 2000 yards.

The 4th Canadian Division will attack on the left of the Canadian Corps and will form the Northern Defensive flank. The pivot of the Operation will rest in the neighbourhood of KENNEDY CRATER.

The 6th (English) Division will be in Reserve under the Canadian Corps.

The 13th Corps and a Cavalry Division are in Army Reserve, ready to exploit any successes.

The 4th Canadian division will attack in two Brigades; the 12th Canadian Infantry Brigade on the left and the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade on the right with the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade in Support.

On “Z” day if situation is favourable, the latter will attack the PIMPLE area and consolidate so as to deny to the enemy any observation from the Ridge into the SOUCHEZ VALLEY

PLAN (MAP “A”) (a). LINE OF OUTPOSTS To establish a line approximately on the [crossed out xxxxxx] BROWN LINE. This will be at first an outpost line, except where there is a definite enemy line to capture and hold as in S.16. Outposts established will be connected up later to form a front line. This outpost line will cover the consolidation of the posts in rear. Eventually, the line of outposts will become out front line.

(b). LINE OF OBSERVATION A line of observation will be established in the vicinity of RED LINE. This will be formed by line of strong points connected by a trench. The strong point to be wired as soon as possible. This line to serve as a Support Line consolidation has been completed.

(c). MAIN LINE OF RESISTANCE Shown by GREEN LINE. This is to be a continuous line to be wired as soon as possible, and made as strong as time permits.


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