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Sunday, July 27, 1919

Sunday, July 27, 1919

A good day. Jim staid at home all day. Ben went to Long Island and brought Mary Brumfield home with him.

Lizzie Bennett and [I] went to Strait Stone to preaching. Earl Bennett carried us and brough us home. They had dinner on the ground and had a plenty for all hands. Ben carried Lizzie to Johnson Reynolds to night. Mary & Henry & Edna all went with him. They have not got back yet.

Josie got dinner at home. She cooked a chicken & butter beans and corn.

Marvin & all of his family were there at preaching & Ren and his family.

10 oclock

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Thursday, July 31, 1919

Thursday, July 31, 1919

A good day but a hard thunder cloud and hard rain tonight. Jim plowed a little to day. Ben went to Greenfield & Chalk Level this evening. Mr. Owen went to Strait Stone to preaching this evening.

Josie staid at home and got dinner. She cooked snaps and potatoes and corn. I certainly did enjoy my dinner.

Marvin carried Mary & Edna Brumfield and I to Worshams pond. I caugh one nice fish.

Mary went to Preaching this evening. To night she is at George Blairs. Paul Bennett carried her. I am so glad that Ben got home before it rained.

9:30 oclock

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Friday, September  5, 1919

Friday, September 5, 1919

A good day. Jim is at on [sic] the tobacco. Henry went to drive the horses up this morning and Pomp kicked him. Did not hurt him very bad. We are all so glad it is no worse.

Ben went to Cedar Forest this morning a bout the school work. Mrs Car come with him home. I am glad that she came to see Josie.

This evening Henry & Reese and I went to White Falls and I fished. The children played. Jim cut some corn this evening.

Carrie & the children come down here a while this evening. Jack Harvey eat supper here tonight and will stay at the barn tonight.

10: oclock

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Friday, September 19, 1919

Friday, September 19, 1919

A good day. The men folks stripped tobacco most of the day. Ben went to see some of the teachers.

Josie & I got dinner. Old man Sam C[a?]llens was buried this evening. We have knowed him ever since we lived in this neighborhood.

Marvin & family went to Chatham this evening. They had the childrens pictures made.

Heard that my brother is improving. Hope he may get well a gain.

Miss Alice Wooding sent me some seed corn by Ben this evening. Hope I may live and be able to plant it.

9:10 oclock

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Monday, October 27, 1919

Monday, October 27, 1919

A beautiful day. Very warm. Jim & Owen got up some corn this morning. Ben milked for me this morning and carried me to Worshams pond. Cordie Blair went with me. We did not catch any fish.

Mrs Edmonds & Carrie Smith come to see Josie. I would of liked to have seen them.

Ben went to Graves Moses and got dog. He brought her home on the car.

Mrs Booker come to the mail box & Cordie and I was there. I was glad to see her for a few minutes. I regard her as one of the nob[l]est women that I know.

8 oclock

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