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Wednesday, March  5, 1919

Wednesday, March 5, 1919

Clear this morning at five oclock then clouded up and has bin a very rainy day.

The men folks shucked some corn. Marvin went to Altavista with his waggon.

Henry & Edna went to school and came home through the rain. Mr Mayhew is here now. He eat supper with us and they are playing cards now. I got dinner & Josie ironed

9: oclock

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Saturday, March  8, 1919

Saturday, March 8, 1919

A cloudy day and raining to night. The men folks cut until twelve then Jim & Ben hauled some stalks and corn.

Josie & Ben and Franklin went to Jim Powers. Henry & I staid at home all the morning then Henry went to Marvins and I went to Owens.

To night Ben & Marvin has gone to the lodge at Strait Stone I know they will get wet. Josie says she has never seen the roads as bad as they were today. Reese Smith has bought him a bycicle.

Johnson Reynolds has gone to Norfork to see Julia Fergerson. I feel like I know how glad she will be to see him. I hope he will see John B.

10: oclock

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Tuesday, May  6, 1919

Tuesday, May 6, 1919

A cloudy day and rain tonight. Ben & Owen planted corn all day. Jim plowed all day. Josie got dinner.

This evening I went to Georges Blairs. Lottie Blair was there with her little baby. I was glad to see Lottie lookin as well as she does. Isla was makeing Lottie a dress. Cordie was making her a quilt. I came home and found Jersey cow with a new calf. Ben is makeing my clock strike right.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, May  7, 1919

Wednesday, May 7, 1919

A cloudy day. No rain to stop any one from work.

Josie hung the spring house door and cleaned out the spring house. This evening Josie and all the children went to Georg Blairs.

I choped some in the flower garden and helped Jim take off two canveses.

Ben & Owen planted corn. Jim plowed some.

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Thursday, May  8, 1919

Thursday, May 8, 1919

A good day. Finish planted corn and commence putting in ferterlizer for tobacco.

Kate Harvey come here a little while.

My Jersey cow died to day. I am very sorry but am glad it is no worse.

Have not seen any of Marvins people to day. All ways mis them if I dont see any of them.

Franklin and Edna is both complaining this evening. I hope they will get well soon.

Josie has had the tooth ache.

9 oclock

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