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Tuesday, February 19, 1918

Tuesday, February 19, 1918

A cloudy day, Some rain. Ben went with Henry to Blairs this morning. Henry went to school. I have lost the smoke house key. Ben brought a key from Blairs but it would not unlock the door. Don't know what we will do about it yet. Ben and Owen went to the mill this evening with corn. Got their meal.

Josie sewed on her quilt. I got a snack for dinner churned and jobed a round most of the day. Ben went with Willie Mayhew to John Hutchersons to night. Josie and the children are all abed and I am going soon.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, March  5, 1918

Tuesday, March 5, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben and Marvin finished shuckin and cribbing corn this evenin. Ben went to Jim Powers to try to sell Frank Mays horse. Mays shucked corn in his place. Ben brough Josie and the baby home from Mrs Carrs. I heard that Ethel Worsham has a girl born this morning.

To night Frank and George Blair and Irvin Craddock and Jim Craddock come here and staid until bed time. Irvin staid all night.

I went to Carries a while this evenin.

Henry went to school.

Edna went to Carries.

10:40 oclock

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Friday, May 10, 1918

Friday, May 10, 1918

A good day until near night there was a thunder cloud and rain.

Ben planted a little corn this evening.

Josie got dinner.

I went to Carries and dressed the baby.

This evening Mrs John Hutcherson come and all the children. The first time she come on a visit this year.

I went to Carries a gain this evening. Mollie Reynolds was there.

We are talking of going to Richmond soon.

9 15 oclock

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Thursday, May 23, 1918

Thursday, May 23, 1918

A good day. Ben went to Stevin Davis s to day and got a sack of ferterlizer. Finished Pauls tobacco land. He plowed in the garden and planted corn in the bottom. Josie and I planted pea nuts. I planted some Irish potatoes. Josie got dinner. Alma Bennett made Edna a dress this evening.

Ben carried Alma to Johnson Reynolds to night. Paul and Henry and Josie all went. I washed dishes while they were gone.

10 15 oclock

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Thursday, May 30, 1918

Thursday, May 30, 1918

A good day and very hot. Ben Owen and Paul commenced to plow corn. Josie and I capped some straw berries this morning. Josie preserved them.

Paul killed two squirrels this morning. We had them for dinner to day.

Walter Layne come this evening to look at my cow. He said he would come in the morning and get her. Josie and I planted some butter beans to day. Josie went to Marvins for some meal. Mollie and Christenia was there.

9: o clock

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