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Thursday, January  3, 1918

Thursday, January 3, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben and Josie come home a while after 1 oclock this morning. They said that they had a fine time at Mr Edmons. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles this morning. Charles is feeling some better now. Hellen & Brumfield & Virginia Harvey come today. They are here now. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Josie got dinner. I sewed some made me three boddices. I have finished 8 little waists for Carries children. I worked the button holes and sewed on the buttons tonight.

9 30 oclock

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Monday, January  7, 1918

Monday, January 7, 1918

A cloudy day and some warmer. To night the wind is blowing. Ben went to Strait Stone. Marvin went to see Charles. He is some better off a gain. Josie has bin sick all day. I got dinner to day and sewed a little. Miss Smith sent the drugget home to day by Irvin Harvey and Robert Reynolds. I got a letter from Lottie Craddock to day.

7 30 oclock

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Thursday, January 10, 1918

Thursday, January 10, 1918

A clear day.

Ben sawed wood and cut feed to day. Marvin Smith and William Gilbert helped him. This evening he went to see Charles and went to Renan.

Josie got dinner and supper to day. She cut some quilt pieces.

I sewed some.

9 30

Henry is not well tonight.

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Sunday, January 27, 1918

Sunday, January 27, 1918

A bad day rained some and turned colde. Ben and Jim went to see Charles this evenin. He is mighty feeble yet. They come by Kates and Marvins.

Mr Carr is here yet.

Josie and I got dinner did not get any supper. Heard to day that all of the Dews has small pox. I am sorry for them.

Henry is right sick to night. I do hope that he may be better by morning.

9 30 oclock

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Thursday, January 31, 1918

Thursday, January 31, 1918

A cloudy day the ground is covered with ice. Ben went to Renan this evening he walked. Tom Edmons come up here to day for Ben to cut his hair.

Marvin went to see Charles to day. I wish I could go.

Johnson Reynolds come to Marvins to change his phone.

Josie got dinner. I washed dishes after dinner. I sewed some on an olde quilt milked and then set by the fire most of the time.

Mollie sent this evening and got the knitting that I did for her. We hope that Henry is some better.

8 25 oclock

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