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Thursday, January 16, 1919

Thursday, January 16, 1919

A clear day.

Ben & Jim worked on Owens house. Josie got dinner and straitened up the cook room. Washed & filled up the lamps and made some candy.

I went to see Mollie this evening they were all well up there. They had heard that Clifton was sick. I hope that he may be well soon.

Josie started to Danville while I was there.

Marvin pulled down his olde barn today. Ben & Josie was asked to a dance tonight. They did not go.

Jim and Ben & Josie are playing cards tonight. I think they had better go to bed.

9 o'clock

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Friday October  7, 1921

Friday October 7, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim made some boxes to put on spring branch.

This evening Jim went to Chatham. Ben carried him. Josie and Mabel went with them. Josie baked a cake this morning. She scrubed the floor this evening. I went to Marvins this evening a little while. Carrie and Marvin washed this morning.

Ben started the engine today. We were all glad that he got it started. We used the lamps last night and made out fine.

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Wednesday, January 11, 1922

Wednesday, January 11, 1922

A bad morning. Rain and a little snow. Tonight a colde wind is blowing. Ben & Jim stripped some tobacco this morning and sawed some wood this evening. Josie ironed some this morning. She got dinner & washed the dishes. I ironed some. Henry & Edna went to school. It was a bad day for them. Ben broke a peice of the light enjoine today. We have the lamps to night for lights. We miss the lights so much. Cordie Blair is sick. I hope she may soon be well a gain. 9 oclock

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