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Sunday, February 10, 1918

Sunday, February 10, 1918

A clear nice day. We all staid at home most of the day. Just at night Ben went to Charless to get his team to go to Long Island after guano.

Mr Owen come to day wants to move to morrow. He will move in the house that Mr Bailiss moved from.

Kate Harvey come to see us to day. Josie got dinner. She fixed every thing very nice. I think all of us enjoyed dinner.

I have not seen any of Carries folks to day. Paul sent me his gloves to mend. I guess I will mend them tomorrow if nothing happens.

9 40 oclock

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Wednesday, October 23, 1918

Wednesday, October 23, 1918

A good day. There was a killing frost this morning. Ben worked on Nat Woodings car.

Nat come tonight and got his car. Ben went to Altavista this evening to see about getting some lumber a bout Mr Owens house.

The rest of us and Owen and two of his children helped to strip tobacco.

They put some tobacco in the pit to night.

Kate and Irvin Harvey come and got a few apples to day.

11 oclock

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Tuesday, November 12, 1918

Tuesday, November 12, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen worked on Owens house.

The children went to school except Franklin. He is not well. I hope that he may get well soon.

Kate Harvey come down here to day and eat dinner with us. While she was here we heard that Chesley Edmons was dead. We all are so sorry for them all. The papers tell that peace has bin declared. I do hope that it is true.

Kate got a letter from both of her boys that is in France. Jack is in the hospital hope that he may be well soon. Tonight Ben and Marvin has gone to Level Run guess they will be back soon.

10 oclock

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Friday, November 15, 1918

Friday, November 15, 1918

A good day. Ben worked on Owens house a little while this morning. Jim Emerson come and went up on the house and could not find a leak. He was here for dinner. We all but Henry and Edna went to Chesley Edmons burial this evening.

There was a crowd there. He was buried by the odd fellows. I am very sorry for the family. Henry and Edna went to school. Two of the teachers were at the burial.

8 30 oclock

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Friday, November 29, 1918

Friday, November 29, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen worked on Owens house until twelve then Owen and Ben and Josie went to the school house. They had a play of some sort over there.

Mrs Carr and I staid here with Franklin. John is here tonight Ben went to meet him. He had to go as far as Jim Rolans. The[y] did not get home until after ten.

I heard today that Denia Blair is sick. I do hope that she will soon be well.

Janie Gravley has gone home to night. Mrs Gravley come for her.

11 30 oclock

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