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Monday, February  4, 1918

Monday, February 4, 1918

A clear colde windy day. Ben cut some in the woods. I got dinner. Josie sewed on her quilt. This evening she went to Marvins a while. Come home and fed the chickens and calves. Brought water. I staid by the fire all the time that I could. I am hookin a mat don't know yet a bout finishin it.

Henry is still improving hope he will soon be well.

9 45 oclock

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Sunday, April  6, 1919

Sunday, April 6, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben staid at home all day.

Josie got most of the dinner.

I went to Mr. Owens twice. I went & dressed the baby and come home. Then Mrs Owen fainted and I went back a while. Mr Owen carried his neice home to day. Lee & Elsie come and eat dinner with us.

Elsie had her new baby with her. I think he is a fine baby. I was very glad that they came. It is the first time that Lee has bin here this year or Elsie for that matter.

I have not seen or heard from Marvins to day. Hope they are all well.

Henry went to Mag Brumfields to day. Said he had a fine time.

9 oclock

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