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Friday, January 18, 1918

Friday, January 18, 1918

A good day but it is snowing to night. Ben and Tom and Edmons helped Ben cut a set of barn logs to day. They both eat dinner with Ben. We were glad to have them here to night. Ben has gone to Jim Powers to a dance. Josie was sick this morning but is feeling some better tonight.

I got most of the dinner. I sewed some this evening and then went to Marvins. Josie sewed on her quilt this evening. Lee Brumfield passed here and stopped a while. He was hauling a load of wood for the teachers. They are going to try and keep house at Kate Harveys. I am sorry for the girls.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, January 30, 1918

Wednesday, January 30, 1918

Rain and hail nearly all day one of the worst days this winter. I got dinner and milked and fed the chickens. I was most a fraid to put my foot out of doors. Mr Bailiss come over a little while. Tonight Tom and Chesley Edmons come and staid until bed time. We had soup for dinner. We grown ups enjoyed it fine. Henry is still right sick.

10 oclock

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Friday, February 15, 1918

Friday, February 15, 1918

A good day but windy. Ben and Owen burnt plant beds. Josie ironed.

I went to see Charles. He is very feeble.

I do hope he may get better yet. Frank Mays and Lee Brumfield and Irvin Lewis went to Chatham to day. Kate Harvey and Mrs Mayhew and Laura Mayhew was at Charles.

To day was the first time that I have bin to Renan this year. I hope to go a gain soon. Chesley Edmons commenced work at Kates to day. Hope he may finish his crop.

9 20 oclock

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Wednesday, March  6, 1918

Wednesday, March 6, 1918

A warm clear day. A thunder cloud to night and a little rain. Ben and Chesley Edmons and Kate Harvey and I went to Chatham this evening. Irvin Craddock bought a cow here this morning. We passed them twice to day on their way home.

Josie staid at home today. She made her a dress.

We saw Jim and Evylin and Nellie Brumfield to day.

8:50 oclock

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Thursday, March  7, 1918

Thursday, March 7, 1918

A good day. Ben and Tom and Chesley Edmons and Owen sawed barn logs.

I went to see Charles Brumfield. I eat dinner with Kate Harvey. Josie staid at home and fixed for company to night. Effie and Hellen Brumfield and Lillian Peak come here from school. Tom and Chesley Edmons come they are playing cards.

To night there is a light in the north. I wrote on the wrong page a few nights ago. Mrs Kellie was at Renan. She said that Otie Kellie was gone to get him a new car.

Henry and Edna is in the parlor to night.

9 o:clock

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