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Direction for using the Magic Lantern.
Place the lantern on a table, the lenses facing
a white wall or sheet at the distance of about 6
feet or more until the light of the lamp is clearly
shown upon the wall. Keep the lenses and glass
slides free from dust ot dirt, and let the flame be
as large as the lamp will admit. To increase the
brilliancy of the light add a little camphor to the
oil in use. In inserting the glass slides in the
front aperture do so with pictures reversed and
the subjects reversed and the subjects will be
properly reporoduced on the wall or sheed. To obtain
a proper focas adjust the sliding tubes containing
the lenses. In working the larger sizes of
lanterns a very pleasing affect may be obtained
by hanging a damp sheet in the centre of the room
the audiense sitting in front and the operator
working from behind the sheet.

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