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19o Clear. High wind N.W.
Ther. Sat. Dec. 26th 1885 Wea.

The wind commenced
blowing hard about 11.o'clk
last night and the thermomometer
fell below freezing
point, and it has continued
cold and blustering ever
since. Charley & Willie and
C. Haslup went in the carriage
to help search for the body
of the supposed murdered man
(Philip Haviland) quite a
party from about Ashton
to assist in the search, the
weather is so extremely cold and
windy. I was much opposed to our
boys going, as neither of them
are well: they got home at half
past seven o' clock (nearly frozen)
After a cup of coffee Charley went
down to Ashton. They found no trace
of the missing man.

19 Clear Windy. NW
Ther. Sun. Dec. 27, 1885 Wea.

Another cold day
After dinner Charley took his
sister in Ed Gilpins buggy with
the roan mare, down to Col;
Rust's & took tea there by
invitation. Willie went
"skating" on Scofields pond.
C & D got home about 11.o'clk

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