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33. Clear. W
Ther. Sat. Nov. 28, 1885 Wea.

Charley & Willie came
home from the dancing
party at Brookeville at
about 2.o'clk this a.m.
I drove to Ashton before
dinner. Afternoon Willie
rode C's bicycle to "Elton"
to spend the night. Rachael
Kelly here for advice and
medicine. After supper
I walked to Ashton and
Jno Abel cut my hair
for me. bought groceries &c.

35 Cloudy & Rain. N.E.
Ther. Sun. Nov. 29th, 1885 Wea.

Commenced raining soon
after 10.o'clock this morning.
Charley & Dora left home in
the buggy (driving "Kit") about
the time it commenced raining
C. expecting to dine at Richd
Lansdales, leaving Dora at
E. Peirces to go to church from
there. Rained more or less
all day. Charley got home
about 10.o'clk p.m. having
taken Miss Fanny Rust home
from Richd Lansdales after
dinner, leaving Dora to stay
all night at Edwd: Peirces'
and Willie to get home with
the bicycle tomorrow somehow,
through the mud.

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