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60. Rain Rain Rain. S.E.
Ther. Sun, Nov. 8, 1885 Wea.

Commenced raining
last night and continued
all through today making
the most thoroughly "Rainy
day" we have had for a
long time. Charley went
home with Frank Snowden
and dined there coming home
to Supper. Willie and I
drove over to Scotts' Mrs:
Jas T Moore died today
at about 11.o'clk. She
was an unusually fine
woman, & her loss will be
deeply felt. Ed P Tomas
called just at tea time.
for his box of ointment.

48o Cloudy & Clearing. N.W.
Ther. Mon. Nov. 9, 1885 Wea.

Cleared off before noon and
the wind blew strong from N.W.
I drove over to Scotts' before
dinner. Charlotte Rounds here
& washed for H. Susan Davi's and
Mary Hill here, the latter for
advice &c for her infant son.
After supper Jno Richard Thomas
here to see me.

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