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35. Clear. N.W.
Ther. Wed. Nov. 4, 1885 Wea.

Drove over to Walt Scott's
before dinner. Meeting Dr
Martin again. After dinner
Martha Robinson here
for advice & med: Bro:
Richd & cousin Hannah
Chandlee dined with
us. I drove down to
Ashton & got the rest
of fixtures for parlor
stove. & some medicine.
Andrew Phillip's here for
advice & med: after tea.
I drove down to Ashton
in the carriage just before
supper, taking Edwd with
me. Michael Thompson
brought another ton of

42. Clear. S.W.
Ther. Thur. Nov. 5th, 1885 Wea.

Drove over to Scott's
Dr Martin meeting me again.
from there to Fulford and
N. Fulford. Home to dinner
My turn for a "bad Cold"
has come. I slept most
of the afternoon. After
supper Charley & I
fixed the pump bucket

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