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64. Cloudy S.E.
Ther. Mon. Oct. 19th, 1885 Wea.

Lavinia Thomas Hood's
daughter here early in the
morning for me. After breakfast
I took "Uncle Henson"
with me and drove over
& prescribed for Lavinia's
grand daughter (an infant)
Afternoon I sent Henson
to Fulford for my plow &
we plowed the lot. After
supper Charley & I sow'd
the rye & harrowed it in
by moonlight, Lizzie Lea
called. Also Geo Boston

65o Cloudy. S.E.
Ther. Tues. Oct. 20th, 1885 Wea.

"Uncle Henson" came again
He & I went to Ashton & took
home Marlow's harrow, bringing
home the stove bought from
Lizzie Lea. Bulwar having
repaired it & mad a "blower
for the lower part. I put in
a new "crock" in the parlor
chimney & Henson cleaned
& blacked the stove & we put
it up in the parlor. Lizzie
Lea, called again also the
Pierce girls. Finished plowing
the lot getting a few
potatoes from the strip
along the hedge row.

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