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67 Clear. S.W.
Ther. Sat. Oct. 17, 1885 Wea.

"Indian Summer" weather
I drove down to see Bulwar
about the parlor stove. and
Afternoon Willie & I went
again & helped him put
in a new back. Sister
B & little Tom Dickenson
spent the afternoon here
After supper I walked to
Ashton & back by moonlight.
Charley came in about 11. p.m.

60o. Foggy & Clearing . W. & N.W.
Ther. Sun. Oct. 18, 1885 Wea.

Charley & Willie rode away
on their bicycles expecting
to "bring up" at Riverside to
dinner. Edwd P Thomas
called & I dressed his hand.
Bro Richd called and
left us a photograph
of, & from Sister Mary.
Charley & Willie came
home about dark.

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