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64o Rain & Cloudy. S.E.
Ther. Tues. Oct. 13, 1885 Wea.

Very stormy all through
last night & continued
to rain until afternoon
Willie did not go to school
After dinner I drove
down to the "Cottage" to
take a new "belt" for Sarah
Stabler & medicine for
Annie Hill Jr: Willie
going with me & taking
Charley down with the
mail. I put a floor
in the "hog pen" shed.
Sarah E Stabler called
on her way to the "Grange".
After supper Charley and
Dora went over to Riverside
to see their cousins
"Lola" & "Estelle". Rain showers
& "Squalls" of wind

65o Clear. S.W.
Ther. Wed. Oct. 14th 1885 Wea

Willie walked to school.
I took C down after dinner
& got shoes for Harriet &
Edwd: & over shoes for E.
Aso got my watch again.
Charlotte Rounds washed
for H. Willie staid after
school to play "base ball" &
came home late. He & I went
up to the store after supper.

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