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42 Clear. W
Ther. Fri. Oct. 9, 1885 Wea.

Willie walked to school
and came home earlier
than usual. Bro Richard
dined with us. & took C
down to Ashton with the
mail. I cleaned out the
stove in our room, and
made a little fire in it
for the first time this fall.
Harriet & Dora are busy
putting down carpets &c.
in the "house cleaning here"

46. Clear. N.W.
Ther. Sat. Oct. 10th, 1885 N.W.

Bro: Chas: came & took
my carriage early in the morning
to go to Laurel to meet
Lola & Estelle. After dinner
Willie & I went down to Ashton
with Charley & took a
"sort of " open or "Franklin"
stove from the store over to
Bulwar's shop to have some
repairs to it, intending it
for our parlor this winter
Dora took a horesback ride
on "Fritz" Willie riding
his "bicycle" along with
her. they went to E Peirce's.
I was called over to see Mrs
Eut again whilst at Ashton
Felt quite unwell after supper
sick at stomach &c.

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