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45o Clear
Ther. Mon. Oct 5th, 1885 Wea.

Jas: Bryan here for advice
& meds for infant
son. Fanny Peirce and
Lucy Kummer called to
see Dora. Afternoon I
drove to Ashton & had "Fritz"
shod. I drove to "Kentmere"
to see Jas Bryan's child.
Bro R called "Tom Sills"
here & had tooth extracted.
After tea Charley took his
sister to Riverside to spend
the evening. driving "Fritz"
to the buggy.

50 Rain. E
Ther. Tues. Oct 6th, 1885 Wea.

Rainy day. Willie did
not go to school. After
dinner I drove down to see
Mrs Eut, who had fallen
& sprained her left knee
badly. Willie drove up
to Fulford for some vinegar.
Dora going with
him. he also drove down
for Charley at supper
time. In the evening we had a game of "Done

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