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65o Foggy Cloudy & Clearing. S.E.
Thermon: Sat Oct 3d. 1885 Wea.

Lightning & thunder with
heavy rain. throughout last
night. I slept little or none
& feel quite unwell this
morning. I drove down
for Charley at supper time
Willie drove Bulwar's
horse to Brookeville to
a game of "Base Ball.
After supper Willie &
I walked down to Ashton.

65o Rainy. E.
Ther. Sun. Oct 4th, 1885 Wea.

Rainy morning Ernest came
in with Charley last night.
& remained until after
dinner when it cleared off, and
Charley & Ernest went away to
Mr Rusts, Dora & Willie went
to Edwd Peirce's to church &c.
all home whilst we were
eating supper. Jas: Bryan's
sent for advice & medicine
for infant son "William".
The weather turned quite
cold towards night, we
had a fire in dining room
all day. the children came
in shivering with cold &
gathered around the fire
like winter time.

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