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65. Clear. S.W.
Ther. Sat. Sept 19th, 1885 Wea.

Rather warmer than for some
days past. Wm Hill (colored)
here again for advice & med:
just after dinner Willie
took Dora to Edwd Peirces
she is expecting to go with
Alice Peirce to spend the
night at Grove Hill with
Lizzie Tyson.

65. Clear. NW
Ther. Sun Sept 20th, 1885 Wea.

Another lovely autumn
day, as near perfection
as weather can be. Bro
R called on way to meeting
C. & W rode around with a
party of "bicyclers" & to meeting
I wrote to F Tyson. Chas
Jackson here for advice
& medicine. Afternoon W
took the carriage & went to
Edwd Peirce's & brought Dora
home. Charley took the
buggy & Levi Hills horse &
went away just before dark.

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