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66. Clear. S.W.
Ther. Wed. Sept 9, 1885, Wea

Clear with a brisk wind
from S.W. & warmer than
for a day or past.
Willie rode bicycle to
Wm S Bond's to see about
hay. Miss Lizzie Scott
called for advice & med
for her mother. Annie
Rounds ironed for H.
Lavinia Hill (Levis wife)
here & had tooth extracted.
Lizzie Scott got advice
& medicine for her mother.
Afternoon I drove to Wm S Bonds'
& prescribed for him. he having had a
"chill" & sent for me. Bro Chas brought
Uriah & Harriet from Riverside & left them.
W.S Bond sent me a cart load of hay.
Rachael Gilpin called after tea.

65. Clear & Cloudy. N.W.
Ther. Thurs. Sept 10th, Wea.

Uriah and his dog "Duke"
left in the stage for Philada:
via Laurel &c. I drove down
to Wm S Bonds after Willie
had taken his aunt Harriet
over to "Riverside". Jim Johnson's
son "Wm Edwd" here for
advice & medicine. Willie
went with Dora to E. Peirce's, W
came home on bicycle & D staid
there expecting to go to Mrs: Janney's
to a "Better Acquainted", and come
home tomorrow morning. Lavinia
Thomas sent for medicine.
Had some music in the evening
Charley being at home. We found
a poor little flying squirrel in
the parlour chimney that had fallen
down and was nearly starved to
death. we fed him & will try to
keep him for Edward.

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