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71o. Cloudy & Clearing S.W.
Ther. SAT. AUG. 22d, 1885 Wea.

Very "close " & sultry. I drove
to W S Bonds & to N. Fulford
Afer dinner I walked down
to Jno: Johnsons' to see
"Thaddeus". Recd letter from
F Tyson. "Katie" Edwards
(Caroline Edwards daughter)
here for advice & medicine.
Uriah Kirk & Sister Harriet
called at the gate on their
way back to Riverside having
been with Rachael & Mary
Gilpin to "Gaithersburg camp
meeting" & were caught out
in a very heavy rain storm.

72. Clear & Cloudy S.W.
Ther. SUN. AUG. 23, 1885 Wea.

Still very close & hot. I drove
to Wm S Bonds'. Herbert Kirk
came to dinner & Bro R called
on way from meeting. Afternoon
we had a thunder gust about
3.o'clock after which Frank
Snowden came & he & Charlely
Dora & Willie, and Miss "Julia"
Thomas & E Freeman went to
Gaithersburg "camp meeting"
"Ned" Hill called for advice &c
Another "gust" passed around
us after the children had gone.

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