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69. Clear. S.W.
Ther. FRI. JULY 31st, 1885 Wea.

Charley & Ernest came here
about five o'clk this morning
and after getting some
breakfast Willie went with
them to Washington, he and
Charley going on "bicycles"
& Ernest in his buggy.
Our boys expect to come to
Gaithersburg tomorrow
afternoon on the cars, and
ride their "bicycles" from
there to Elton coming home
on Sunday afternoon.
Uncle Henson came to do
W's work for him. Wm. Hill
here for advice & medicine.
I took Dora to E Peirce's
to spend the night.

75. Clear S.W.
Ther. SAT. AUG. 1st 1885. Wea.

Quite warm or hot again.
Uncle Henson here to do the
work for Willie. Afternoon
I sent him in the carriage
to bring Dora home from Edwd
Peirce's but he was obliged to
go to Richd: Leas' for her.
Heavy rain after dark
with some thunder and
much lightning. I was
up at Sandy Spring store
until the rain "slacked"
about 9.30.

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