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70o Clear. S.W.
Ther. SUN. JULY 5th, 1885 Wea.

Beautiful morning but
quite warm - except for a
fine breeze. F Snowden
came & he & Charley went
to "upper" Jas Stablers to
have his "bicycle" repaired
Ernest came & put his
horse up & dined here. C
& F.S arrived to late dinner
after Ernest had gone. Albin
Mitchell's son was here for
advice & medicine for his mother.
Thunder gust in afternoon lasting
until just before dark. After
supper Wm. Oldfield came for
me & I drove to Ents & prescribed
for Mr Ent who has
"cholera morbus". After which
Charley drove away with Frank
Snowden somewhere. I hope
only to "Harewood"

72. cloudy & Fog. Calere.
Ther. MON. JULY 6th, 1885 Wea.

Rained quite hard several
times during last night and
is "close" & warm this morning.
Emeline Hopkin's here for advice
& med. Sent Willie to Henderson's
lower mill for feed.
I went with him to Ashton
to see W H Ent again & walked
home. Louis Stabler called &
paid me some money for his
mother. Albert Chandlee
here & had tooth extracted.
After tea Willie drove to Riverside
to take some money to his uncle Richd
for Charley, who went to Mrs Chalfant's
to a "progressive Euchre" party
Martin Rolls here for advice &
med for his children.

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