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66. Clear. N.W.
Ther. MON. JUNE 29th, 1885 Wea

Fine breeze from N.W. and
much cooler a delightful
day. after the recent rains:
everything seems refreshed
and growing finely.
Annie Rounds came to wash
for Dora. Alice & Fannie
Pierce called. Robt. Awkard
here for medicine for his
granddaughter. Charley went
to "Woodbarn" to adjust and
start a new "binder". Harriet
got dressed for the first time
for more than a week. Fanny
Stabler called to enquire for H, also
M.L. Roberts. & Ellie Scott.
Had two new shoes put on Fritz's
front feet.

64. Clear Windy N.W.
Ther. TUES. JUNE 30th, 1885 Wea.

Quite cool this morning
but to me delightful.
Annie Rounds came to iron for
Dora. Hallie Lea called to see
her aunt H. on her way to
Fulford. H dressed herself
this morning. but did not come
down stairs, until afternoon
when she came down for a time,
and again to supper. Lizzie
Iddings & cousin Ellie Chandlee
called to see H. I cleaned
my single harness. After tea
Willie took C to Mrs Chalfont's
to a "progressive Euchre party"
bringing the horse & buggy home, C
intending to walk home by

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