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62 Clear. NW
Ther. Tues. June 9, 1885 Wea.

Delightfully cool and
pleasant day. Willie did
not feel well enough to go to
school today. Alice & Fanny
Peirce came & spent the afternoon
& to tea with us. This is
Edward's ninth birth day, &
we had a little "tea party" for
him, his cousin Alice Dickinson
& the four children from
next door. I took the carriage
down to the Eut's to have the coupling
lengthened & the body
swung lower between the
springs. After supper Charley
went away driving Bulwar's
horse. to "Olney Grange" &c &c.

65 Clear &Cloudy. Variable
Ther. Wed. June 10, 1885 Wea.

Willie did not go to school.
I mended the pump Rod. &
"staked" the tomato vines in
the garden. Just after we had
done dinner Bro Chas brought
Nelly & his two Children over
"bag & baggage," to go tomorrow
morning in the stage on their
way to Philada Dora expects to
to go at the same time to make
a visit to her aunt Harriet
Sister Beulah came & spent
this afternoon & took tea, taking
Alice Dickinson home with her
Miss Fannie Stabler came after
tea to spend the evening.
Ernest & Julian Gartrell came
about the time Charley came from
the store & spent the rest of the

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