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68. Clear N.W.
Ther. FRI. JUNE 5th, 1885 Wea.

George Fuller here for
advice & medicine before
breakfast. Uncle Henson here
again at work in the garden
Thunderstorm about 2.30
p.m. the heaviest part of
it passed around to the
North & East of us, it was
doubtless very heavy about
Baltimore. After dark
Charley drove over into
Howard Co: to ___Carr's
to try to sell a "Reaper."

66o Clear N.W.
Ther. SAT. JUNE 6, 1885 Wea.

Delightfully cool & pleasant
today. The papers tell us
of a "cyclone" in Baltimore
yesterday that did more damage
than any previous storm
as yet on Record. blowing
down houses &c. besides
killing one man & unroofing
hundreds of houses
Uncle Henson here again in garden
also a colored boy whitewashing
the fences. Martha Wright
here for advice & medicine.
Willie went to "Base Ball"
in the afternoon. John
Johnson came for advice
& medicine for his boy
Richard after I had gone
to bed. about 11.p.m.

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