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68 Clear & Cloudy. S.W.
TTher. Tues. May 26, 1885 Wea.

Thunder gust part north
of us last night about midnight.
Very warm today
Helen B. Lea called for
advice & medicine. &
took "Little Beula" with
her to "Fulford". My jaws
feel sore & stiff almost
like ""mumps" but I suppose
I must have had them
when a child but have
no recollection of it.
Jno: W Johnson here about
tea time. After tea Charley
drove away taking my buggy
& "Gus" Bulwar's horse.

68 Clear & Cloudy. SW
Ther. Wed. May 27, 1885 Wea.

Charley got home last night
at 11.30. He took Bulwar's
horse home this morning as
he went to the store. Willie
walked to school again as
he did yesterday. John
W Johnson cut the rye
for me this morning, & his
little boy "Fred" commenced
bringing the milk for us.
to continue until Willie's
school is done. After
supper Charley rode "Fritz"
down to the store again
and home about 10. o'clk

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