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62. Cloudy.
Ther. THURS. APRIL 30, 1885 Wea.

Mrs. Cissell sent for
medicine for Ernest. I
drove over to Cyrus Bowen's
& to Fulford. Annie Chandlee
brought cousin Elena
Paxson & left her to spend
the day. Alice & Fanny
Peirce came & spent afternoon
Uncle Henson here again.
After supper Dora & Willie
went to the Lyceum to hear
a lecture from Mr McCormas
Charley took the roan mare
& buggy & took Emma Freeman
from Tom J Leas' to Fulford
and back again.

63° Cloudy & Rain. E.
Ther. FRI. MAY 1, 1884 Wea.

I drove on rode on horseback
to see Ernest Cissell and
after dinner went to see
Cyrus Bowen who is "more
poorley." Uncle Henson worked
in the garden again. Willie
& I painted the buggy one
coat & cleaned the "spider
wagon" ready for a coat of
paint tomorrow. I have
exchanged the "spider" for
C's buggy he intending to
sell the former; since I have
something light enough to drive
"Fritz" to which was what I
bought the "spider" for.

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