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66° Cloudy and Foggy S.E.
Ther. FRI. APRIL 24th , 1885 Wea.

Settled with Jno W Johnson
& let him go; he & Charley
having had some words last
evening. Jno not attending to our
affairs as he should do but
doing "milking" each evening
for other people just a time
when we often need him to
hitch up a horse &c. Edward's
Steam Engine came by mail broken
and I immediately sent it back
by mail. The "Village Black Smith"
that was ordered & paid for failed
to come with the "engine". Bought
50 Herring of "Dick Matthews".
Set up the "water cooler" for
ice water. for the first time
this season. Using the small
one I purchased last summer.
but it tastes of the Zinc lining
& I do not like it much.

60 Cloudy S.E.
Ther. SAT. APRIL 25, 1885 Wea.

"Mel" Shaw brought
Ernest Cissell here for
advice &c. for sub acute
Rheumatism. Lizzie Franklin
brought her daughter Annie
& I opened an abcess on her
left knee on inside above
the "cudgles". Afternoon Willie
took a party of young men over
to Brookeville to play "baseball".
Harry Lea with Helen
& all four of the children
arrived from Lawrence Mass:
Edwd Bently brought them
up from Laurel & called for
a moment at the gate on their
way to Fulford about 7 p.m.
Repaired and set up the large
"stone jar" water cooler.

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