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Ther. MON. APRIL 20, 1885

I drove "Fritz" to the "spider"
wagon up to Fulford and
left an inhaler for Fanny
Dickinson. Little Edward
is in bed again the other
side of his face being swolen
with "mumps". Mrs Sally
Leizear here for advice and
treatment. afternoon.
I walked up to Knuzens &
prescribed for his daughter
"Maggie". Mailed money order
$200) to Perry Mason & Co for
a "Weeden" Engine" & "village
black smith" for Edward.

30 Clear N.W.
Ther. TUES. APRIL 21, 1885 Wea

LIttle Edward suffered
very much last night with
his face and head I was
awake most of the night
watching & waiting upon him.
This morning I drove up
to the village & called to
see "Maggie" Kruzen. drove
over to see Josiah Bowen.
Afternoon walked up to the
store. This has been a lovely
day, the perfection of "spring
weather". Finished "fixing up"
the raspberry bushes & some
getting ready for gardening.

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