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45 Cloudy S E
Ther. Sat. April 18th , 1885 Wea.

Dr D Dwyer sent my teeth
back, & they are perfectly
satisfactory. I drove to see
Robt Sullivan & C Hamond
Jr's child called to see
Mrs. Dorsey (Miller's wife)
Afternoon Willie went to
a "Fair" at "Brookeville"
Jno, took "old Polly" & her
colt over to "Riverside"
& left her there for Ernest
who is to take her upon
same conditions that Mr
Lawford & E Gilpin had her.
I walked to Ashton & to
S.S. Edward came down
stairs to dinner.

42 Clear S E
Ther. SUN. APRIL 19th, 1885 Wea

Bro Richard called on
his way to meeting. I drove
over to Cissell's tennant
house to see Rachael Bell.
Charley Willie & Edward
Chalfant went over to
Jas P Stablers with the "bicycle."
home to dinner.
Afternoon Charley went away
with Frank Snowden in
F's buggy. Willie & Dora
took a ride driving the
roan mare to C's buggy.

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