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37° Cloudy & Clearing N. W.
Ther. SUN. APRIL 12th, 1885 Wea

Bro R called on his
way to meeting & returned
& dined with us. I went
to "Jim Johnsons" on J J
Shoemaker's place to
attend his wife in miscarriage.
home to dinner.
Willie rode the roan
mare to Tulford and
to Riverside. Heard of the
extreme illness of Geo:
E. Brooke.

33 Cloudy & Clearing N.W
Ther. MON. APRIL 13th, 1885 Wea.

Took "blue mass" pill
last night & Seidletz powder
this morning & feel very
weak & wretched. Drove
"Fritz" to phaeton to Chas;
Hammond Jr's before dinner.
Afternoon Ernest
came & staid all the
afternoon & to supper. I sent
Willie to Ashton for flour.
Charley went down to
the store E Chalfant going
with him & coming back
in about an hour.

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